Digital Printing



Sizes 8.5 "x 11"  to 13x27" is the standard format for this type of product. Base, it is available in a print side 1/0 on a regular paper.


300 DPI


You can choose two-sided printing. The single-sided means your ipression will be printed on one side only in color or black and white.

We completes the printing process by providing in-house binding and finishing services as well as delivery services.

Photocopy service's expertise and up to date equipment ensures the highest quality standards for the production of documents. All copying services are complemented by an in-house binding and finishing service to provide clients with professional and eyecatching documents. Our services include:
  • Black/White photocopying on a wide choice of materials at sizes up to 12” x 18”
  • Reproduction of large format black/white originals at sizes up to 36” wide x variable lengths
  • Colour photocopying on a wide range of materials at sizes up to 13” x 19”
  • Large format colour copying on a wide range of materials, at sizes up to 80” wide x variable lengths.
  • Binding options such as Cerlox, Spiracoil, Twin Loop (Metal binding) and Perfect binding.
  • Finishing options such as encapsulation (plastification), folding, scoring, perforation, mounting and laminating – for both small and large format reproductions.