What is digital printing?

What is digital printing?

Digital printing is based on a technology that uses electronic methods for sending digital files to the printing press, without the use of plates or matrices. In recent years, it has entered into competition with traditional printing processes for the production of printed materials in increasingly higher print runs, offering a product of excellent quality.

The working procedure is rather straightforward. The client passes the file to be printed to the prepress technicians who analyze, control and normalize the content. Once final, the file is sent directly to the print media.

Through digital printing, this process is particularly suitable for medium and low runs and can be applied to a large number of types of paper, cardboard and special media.

Digital printing makes it possible to obtain a finished printed product with various advantages:

• It is a print of high quality and definition

• It has a work process faster than offset printing and lends itself to deliveries faster

• It has no start-up costs, so it is possible to print a few copies at low prices

• Digital colour inks are often shinier and brighter than offset

• It is possible to print variable data, ie different from one copy to another (eg a number or a name pre-printed on a card)

• Products can be embellished with one of the print imprints of the Digital print Printing Center: for example, UV varnishes and digital embossing.

All these advantages, applied to business cards, posters, invitations, postcards, badges, photographs, calendars, leaflets, catalogues, stickers, have made digital printing an irreplaceable tool in the hands of graphic studios and communication agencies.

The possibility of producing small quantities of goods at rather low costs, without having to make large inventories, has opened new doors to communication: the compromise between print quality, price and quantity of digital printing is a real mirage for traditional procedures.

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